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Plastic Injection Mold Factory from China


We are a Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer from china

As a Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in china, our main business include Plastic injection mold building, and Plastic parts injection molder.

Over 10 years developed, We have a professional mold technical team and mold manufacturing team to provide customers with design and manufacturing solutions for export molds and small batch molds

Rapid prototyping services

plastic molding low volume

Injection Molding High Volume

Plastic Parts Manufacturing Custom


What we do

Plastic and metal suppliers for custom part, Offer one-stop solution, from prototype to mold building and printing and so on,

Rapid Prototyping Services Injection Molding

We offer Rapid Prototyping service for our customer, 3D printing or CNC machining, customer can quick validation their design

High volume Injection Molding

With Hardening steel material and branding components to produce Injection molding, so that customer can produce it with large volume, and easy to find component in their country

Soft Tooling For Injection Molding

Offer quick and cheap soft tooling for injection molding, With low cost injection molding small production runs

plastic parts manufacturing custom

We can offer plastic parts manufacturing custom with our HaiTian injection Machine. plus painting and printing service, can meet customer’s one-stop solution.


Selected Client Work


Pesso Juice Branding

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Eco Friendly Notebook

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Wooden Watch Prototype

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