how much does a plastic injection mold cost

How much does the plastic injection mold cost?we always meet this problem in daily inquiry, to answer this question, we should understand 1 effector, different injeciton mold manufacturers, the Cost will different, why? Due to the manufacturers management fee is different, manpower’s salary is different. their facility is different, some of use domestic injection machine, some use international injection machine. also the mold manufactering equipment is different. there has not a union standard to handle it. But today wre can dig a little more on injection mold cost, give you a basic reference. Here we are.

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Plastic Injection Mold Cost Caculator

Injection Mold cost=Injection mold material cost+injection mold design fee+Mold manufacturing process fee+Profit+mold trial fee+Packaging fee

What does plastic injection mold cost?

To begin with that, we need to know the effector of plastic injection mold.

Mold material cost include Mold base cost +Mold material cost(Cavity +core Material), To caculate mold base price, we have to understand the mold types, please see below.

Mold Types

The type of injection mold

According to the basic structure of the mold:

one is a two-plate mold, also called a direct gate mold;

  •  The two-plate mold means can be separated from the parting surface ,. The common type of 2-plate mold is as follows

the other is a three-plate mold, also called point gate mold.

  • The three-plate mold is mainly composed of three mold plate. Cavity side plate, Core side plate and Gate plate. the difference with 2-plate mold. is gate plate added on 3-plate mold. see below picture for you reference.
3-plate injection mold

3-plate injection mold

2 plate injection mold

2-Plate injection mold

Based on above 2 types, there also have some mold types we familiar, like Hot Runner mold, Rotation mold(2K mold), Overmolding, air assistance mold, Stuck mold and so on.

Plastic injection mold cost estimator

According to the mold size and material price, the mold material fee can be calculated.

Mold price = (6 ~ 10) * material fee

Forging die price / plastic mold price = 6 * material fee

Die casting mold = 10* material fee

Mold Cost estimate

the first depends on the customer’s requirements, because the customer’s requirements determine the choice of materials and heat treatment process.

Select the material and draw a rough mold plan to calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of the core material and moldbase ) and the cost of the heat treatment (generally the gross weight ).

processing costs, according to the complexity of the core, processing costs and core material prices rate are 1.5 ~ 3: 1, the processing cost of moldbase is generally 1:1.

The risk cost is 10% of the above total price.

tax (pay attention to whether it includes tax).

The mold design cost is 10% of the total price of the mold.

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