As a plastic mold and moulding company in china, after few years development, to suitable to the Globle marketing development. also to work close to our valued customer over world, and keep Our company grow up better and better, we start turn our company develop direction from complete OEM manufacturer to industrial and consumer product Design and engineering company. so that we can focus on product design; Engineering and development. cut source or investment on heavy machine and management step by step. and start improve value to help our customer, especially for small startup or company to help You to develop and engineering product. to make your great idea to be product.

Our Advantage on product design and development

Design and Manufacturing Engineering

indurstrial engineering and product design consulting companies

We have decades Technical Engineer with fluent experience on Product design and various Mold design,  can provide quick autocad mechanical design and 3D design to our valued customers, the software we familiar with UG(NX), Solidworks and Proe. our Engineer team can finish complex surface creat and make your idea with unique product.

Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing

rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing

To run design verification, we are equiped with SLA Prototype Machine and Metal Protype Machine, can fast to make plastic and Metal Prototype with competetive price. so that you can save energy and money on product sales marketing and developing.

Engineering and Development

Injection Mold Milling CNC japan Machine

Our Engineering team; Precision Machining and surficient supplier chain. can provide various Plastic, Metal and PCB design and manufacturing, our design widely apply for consumer product, Medical device and industrial products.

You have great product idea, Engineering develpment problem? give us a mail, our engineering team will give you professional suggestion on design creative, engineering develop and Material chose.


The Product Design and Engineering Manufacturing Process

Hand draft for product idea

Send us your idea(maybe picture or hand draft), we check the design complex and raise competetive price to you. so that you can consider and compare with your other design studio or agancy. after your confirmation, you can arrange Pre payment of 30% to us, than we can start the design working.

Product Rendering

After get your Pre payment, we will creat Product rendering drawing to you first. you can check and raise your comment , we will modify the drawing according to your request. until you satisfied with it. we will start 3D drawing creating.

indurstrial engineering and product design consulting companies

After we created 3D drawing within the schedule, we will send the screen shot to you for you confirmation, after you approval. you can arrange the rest 70% payment to us. then we will send the all 3D drawing and PCB drawing to you. till now the design stage is finished.

rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing

At Product Development stage. we have surficient Supplier chain and precision Equipment on hand. we will raise product component price one by one to you, you can evalute it and compare to your other factory. we can develop Plastic part, metal part, PCB, assembly and so on.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing

once you confirm our solution and development price, we will use our machine or outer sourcing for your component developing. and provide you finished and high quality goods. so that you can put your energy focus on product sales and marketing.

Do you have any Product Idea or any Project need to develop and manufacturing? Send us you Product info. our Engineering team will provide our professional suggestion to you.