Plastic injection is the most common process used for manufacturing plastic parts and components in plastic injection mold factory. It is a process of producing parts made of thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic. Injection moulding is to heat and melt plastic (usually pellets) in the barrel of an injection molding machine, when it is in a fluid state. Under the pressure of the plunger or screw, the molten plastic is compressed and moved forward, and then injected into the closed mold in very high speed through the nozzle. After a certain period of cooling and shaping, the mold is opened to obtain the product, plastic Injection molding is widely used to manufacture various parts (most plastic products), from the smallest part of a car to the body panel of a Auto, it application for consumer, Medical, Container and automotive.

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Vonosat is Professional plastic mold factory and plastic components manufacturers, founded in 2008 years, now we have 1500 squre meters workshop with 100 employees, Under hard working of experienced designer and technician, we can handle various mold, such as Hot Runner mold, Overmolding, 2k mold, IML/IMD mold, Gas assistance injection mold and so on, our designer familiar with mold design software include UG, Proe, Solidwork and moldflow.

With our Professional injection machine and plastic injection mold making machine, we can produce various plastic mold for our customer over world.

HaiTian horizontal injection moulding machine from 80Ton to 2000Ton.

CNC Machine 8 sets

Sparkel Machine   4 Sets

Wire Cut Machine  6 Sets

CMM Device  1 Sets

Vertical injection molding machine 1 Sets

Rotational Moulding Machine   2 Sets

below are General injection molding plastic types and Shrinkage for you reference.


Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Process

As leading plastic injection mold factory in china, normally we take below procedure to manufacture mold to our customer.

products of injection moulding

We will analyze your part draft angle, raise proper and low cost mold type for you review. also we will send you the mold quotation to you. the file we can quote with igs, step,stp and cad format.

China 3d Model product design

Once get your Official PO, we will Run DFM to you, you can understand the gate position, Parting line ,welding line and sink mark position and so on.

Plastic injection Mold design manufacturability DFM report

We can the moldflow report to show you the injection lead time, injection machine tonnage, flow line. we can take some solution to avoid it.

Consumer Product Stuck Mold

You will get the whole 3D file for mold drawing, you can check the detail of molding, like cooling channel, gate type, mold type, ejector pin position and so on.

Plastic tool sparkel Machine Japan

Mold component will manufacturing according to 2D component drawing requirement, include mold component surface treatment. like hardening, nitriding, polish and coating.

Plastic mold manufacturer CMM Equipment

Each mold component been finished, will send to Lab for dimension inspect. make sure the component dimension meet drawing requirement.

Plastic Injection machine Operation

We will run mold testing, once mold assemble is finished. first shot samples with Shor-shot injection molding samples will been send to you for check.

Insert molding

After mold and samples been approved, we will clean and pack the mold for shipment.

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing factory

With our Experienced Designer and technician, we can handle below types of injection moulding.

thermoplastic injection molding
thermoset injection molding
2k injection molding
gas injection moulding
Hot Runner Molding
IML/IMD Molding

As plastic injection mold factory, we can Manufacturing various injection molding for your project, OEM/ODM Injection molding service. Accept Small batch order

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Injection Molding Product We Made

Auto Components Mold
Consumer Product Stuck Mold
Drone Cover Injection Mold
Industry Cap Mold