What is injection mold and application of injection moulding

Plastic molds are tools for making plastic pellets into a variety of plastic products. It is the mother of industry, which is produced daily with plastic machines. Hundreds of millions of products are sold all over the world, and then assembled into a variety of products, into all aspects of our daily lives.

Plastic injection molding 3D design

Types of Injection mold

Thermoplastic Injection Molding


Insert Molding

Cold Runner Injection Molding

Hot Runner Molds

Air assistance molds

Dual injection molds(Rotation molds)

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Advantages and disadvantages of injection moulding

Advantages of injection moulding

  1. One investment, suitable for mass production, can reach millions of times, the more production, the cost price of a single product will come

The lower. The profits will be higher and higher.

  1. Save raw materials and reduce scrap rate. The more production, the more mold holes and hot runner molds, which will minimize waste of raw materials.
  1. Reduce labor. For traditional production methods, for larger batches, the factory will consider using robots to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Disadvantages of injection moulding

  1. The initial input cost is relatively large. In the initial stage of product design, it is necessary to evaluate the appearance, function, and assembly of the product, so it is necessary to input the cost. Do validation, such as 3D printing, test dies, constant changes, and constant verification to achieve the best balance to meet product appearance, functionality, and assembly.
  1. Design verification time is long, the product is mature from the first draft to the product, it takes a long time to verify, test, etc.

Injection Molding Process Step by Step

Initial design

When an Idea in your life appears in your mind, it can improve a certain detail in our lives, you need to implement it from the idea, so you need to design it, including appearance, function, Operating mode, etc.

Drone 3D part drawing design

3D Printing Prototype

3D Printing Prototype

In order to design verification, you need to do some 3D printing of the hand board, to do some actual assembly, verify the design of the combination, appearance, and functional assembly testing, including sending samples to customers. The purpose of this is to solve the product design problems before the mass production of the mold with the least amount of money, improve the design defects, and improve the product performance. Optimized design style and other aspects are very helpful

Pilot Mold or Mass Production Mold Building

Part analysis and Mold Flow Analysis

At this stage, The design process of the product has been completed, we need to do the angle of mold making, to analyze what problems will occur in the mold stage, Whether it needs improvement, for example, if the product wall thickness is too thick, it will cause the surface to shrink, so that we can raise the problem and let the designer make some improvements. After the mold was made (the capital has been invested), it was found that there were many defects in the product.

Mold design analysis report

Determination of mold design

We need to determine the mold design according to the quantity of the product, the budget of the customer and the capacity of the machine. For example, what brand of hot runner is used for the hot runner mold, HASCO or DME? What kind of material is used for the mold, S136 or NAK 80? Need to harden and harden. Is the mold action unreasonable? These must be closely coordinated with the molder and the customer to achieve successful mold manufacturing.

What Molding Processes Does Your Product Require?

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